Sternhimmels Basenjis

Sternhimmels Ex Bona Fide - photos

Sternhimmels Ex Bona Fide

Nala finishing her International & Swedish Champion titles in Visby July'07 by winning BOB under Mrs. Tina Permo.

BIG5 later that day.

The next day Nala took another BOB! Summa Summarum won BOS under Mr Boo Lundström.

© Ami
Nala shown for the first time in Champion class with BOS & CACIB. Judge Mrs Dagmar Kenis-Pordham

© Christer Paasila
Nala (on the right) winning BOB & CACIB & CC in Karjaa under Mrs Paula Rekiranta in October'04. BOS was handsome Director Cantus.

© Tina Mandell
Nala (on the right) winning BOB & CC in Karjaa under Mr Åke Cronander in July'04.

© Anni Toikka
A headshot of Nala, May'04

© Anni Toikka
Ex Bona Fide (on the right) winning CC, BOS & CACIB in Lahti INT'04 under Mrs. Myrna Shiboleth

© Lari Eteläniemi
Ex Bona Fide (on the right) winning BOB and later BIG2 in Lappeenranta April'04, BOS was Dies Faustus

© Lari Eteläniemi
7-month-old Nala moving

© Anni Toikka
Nala in July'03

© Suvi Lähteinen

© Suvi Lähteinen
A headshot of Nala in July'03

© Lari Eteläniemi
Little Miss 6 months old

© Anni Toikka
Nala 5 months

© Lari Eteläniemi
2 months

© Lari Eteläniemi
I wonder what the Big Sis is doing...?

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