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July 2, 2006 Sternhimmels Femina Floreat BIS1 in Gällivare, Sweden
July 8, 2006 Sternhimmels Femina Floreat BIS3 in Piteå, Sweden
July 23, 2006 Sternhimmels Grosso Modo BIS3 in Mäntsälä, Finland
September 3, 2006 Sternhimmels Fortunae Filius BIS2 in Helsinki, Finland

Anneli receiving the Breeder of the Year 2003 prizes with Dies Faustus and Venia Bona
© TexTerri
Breeder of the Year 2003 Award Ceremony

© Lari Eteläniemi
Nala having fun in the dog park with a Chow chow friend

© Lari Eteläniemi
Team Work Rules! Lagotto romagnolo puppy is about
to be caught by Nala and Aida...

Anneli with Dicta and Linda
2nd winning breeder in Finnish Kennel Club's
The Breeder of the Year Competition 2002

Graf Gabriel and Ich Bin's and their favourite summer activities, it's a dog's life!

Could we finally have our meals PLEASE!

Receiving the trophy for the 2nd Best Breeder in Finland 2000 (all breeds)

© Ami
Buffo & Linda & Dicta Summer 2002

© Ami
Dicta, Linda and the laughing Buffo

A trip to Sweden in summer 1996 with excellent results, from left

  • Manda Meerkatze BOB, CC, CACIB and BIG-4 in Borås Int
  • Liebe Lenore BB2 in Swedish Specialty
  • Pulcinella Quiz for Sternhimmels BOS, CACIB and INT Ch in Borås Int
  • Ich Bin's BIS in Swedish Specialty

Sternhimmels Ich Bin's sleeping

Sternhimmels Summa Summarum (left) and his father Sternhimmels Graf Gabriel

Nelli as 10-week-old puppy


Sternhimmels Perle Perella

Sternhimmels Summa Summarum playing with his good friends, Natalia & Cyril, in Prague

Nelli, Niilo & Reetta in summer 2001

Wie Geht's

Novi and Felix

Jesper and Pilkku


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