Sternhimmels Basenjis

News from 2004

31.12. Congratulations to Graf Gabriel, who is celebrating his 15th birthday today! See the active birthday boy here!


11.12. Stockholm International Swedish Winner Show, judge Mrs Jeannie Montford (AUS)

We made a nice trip to Sweden with two of our four-legged friends. Director Cantus won Open Dogs and went BD5 and lovely little Extraordinaria also won her class and ended up BB4 with resCACIB.


5.12. Helsinki International Winner Show, judge Mr Rainer Vuorinen

What a way to end our show year in Finland! Only five of our team was presented this time... but they did all and more than we even expected! The star of the day and the whole year was our charming young gentleman Ex Composito who ended up BOB with CC, CACIB and title Finnish Winner 2004. In Champion males Semper Felix was number one and his young daughter Femina Floreat ruled Junior Bitches, she was BB2 with CC and is now Finnish Junior Winner 2004. Ex Bona Fide had a good day once again, she won Open Bitches and went BB3 with resCC and resCACIB. Her mom Venia Bona was 2nd in Champion Bitches with Excellent. Breeder's Group was BOB!

Congratulations everybody and thank you for the year 2004!


20.11. Jyväskylä INT 20.11. judge Mr Nils-Arne Törnlöv, Sweden

We had a great day in Jyväskylä. Our young charmeur Fortunae Filius was 2nd in Junior Dogs with Excellent, Ex Composito had again a fine day, he won Intermediate Class and was BD3 with resCACIB and resCC. His daddy Warum Nicht got Excellent in Champion Class.

Our lovely ladies did not left anything for the others, first our promising Femina Floreat won Junior Bitches, then Ex Bona Fide won Intermediate Bitches and last of all who else but Venia Bona won Champion Class. Femina Floreat ended up BB3 with resCC, Ex Bona Fide was BB2 with resCACIB and CC and last but not least Venia Bona showed the youngsters how to do it: she was not only BOB with CACIB but once again a Group Winner too! Congratulations all of you!


14.11. Riga INT, Latvia, judge Mrs Libuse Ubrova, CZ

Anni made another memorable trip to "the south", this time with Ex Bona Fide. Nala followed her mother Venia Bona's foot steps and took "Baltic Winner 2004" title back to Finland together with a CC and a CACIB! Well done!


7.11. Tartu INT, Estonia, judge Mr Karel Horak, CZ

Carpe Diem visited Estonia and conquered the judge's heart with her powerful movement. She was BOB and became also an Estonian Champion! Two shows in two weeks with two champion titles and two CACIBs, not bad at all! Pity, that Aida and Anni had to hurry to the ship back home and could not stay for the group finals.



31.10. Agility, Espoo

Carpe Diem took part in Finnish Basenji Club's inofficial agility championships. Out of 8 basenjis, she finished 2nd! Congratulations also to handler Lari!


23.-24.10. Two shows in Seinäjoki and one in Norway!

On Saturday in Seinäjoki INT our judge was Mrs Paula Rekiranta. We had a really fine day! Ex Composito was BD3 with CC, Director Cantus had again a great day by winning BOS with CACIB. Young Femina Floreat was shown for the first time in official classes and she was BB2 with ResCC beaten only by our charming Ex Bona Fide who went BOB with CC and CACIB! Breeder's Group was BOB and BIS-2!

On Sunday in Seinäjoki Nat judge was Mrs Marja Talvitie. This time it was Femina Floreat's turn to collect all the prizes, she was BOB with CC. Ex Bona Fide was BB2 with ResCC. Ex Composito kept on going, he was BOS with CC. Reineke Fuchs won the Champion Class and was BD2. Breeder's Group was BOB. Congratulations all of you!

In Norway, Tromsö INT judge was Kari Granaas Hansen, Norway, Semper Felix was BD2 with ResCACIB, well done Felix and Carina!


9.10. Lure coursing, Helsinki

Versatile Carpe Diem was again in action! This time in lure coursing winning Helsinki Kennel District's Championship.


6.10. Agility, Helsinki

Carpe Diem and her handler Anni won their agility club's championship in beginners' class! Hard training has truly paid off!

2.10. Track Racing, Helsinki

Caeli Regina was 2nd and Quinta Essentia 3rd.


2.10. In Oulu INT, judge Mr Kari Järvinen, Wer Da was the only one of our dogs to be shown. And he did quite well being BD2 with ResCACIB!

Team Anneli&Anneli headed to Norway Fredrikstad INT. It was a long trip but worth making. Our judge was Mr Eivind Mjaerum from Norway. First Director Cantus hit the target being BD1 with CACIB and CC and later on our little cutie Carpe Diem went BB1 with CACIB and CC too! Later on Carpe Diem was BOS and Director Cantus BOB and BIG-2! They are both now new Norwegian Champions! Warmest congratulations!

19.9. Track Racing, Hyvinkää

Caeli Regina was 3rd.


11.-12.9. Three shows in two days!

On Saturday in Porvoo our judge was Mrs Gunnel Holm. Our puppy star Femina Floreat kept on the good work, she was BOB Puppy. Young Exempli Gratia was shown for the very first time and she was right away BB3! Our handsome Champion Donum Regium was the King of the day, he was BOB!

On Sunday we had two shows in Tampere. First show was judged by Mr Hermann Bürk from Germany. Femina Floreat won the Puppy bitches as usual! Ex Composito continued his success being again BOB and this time he went all the way to BIG-2. Semper Felix was BD4 and Liebe Lenore was BOS Veteran. Extraordinaria won her class with Excellent and Caeli Regina was 2nd in working class with Excellent as well. Breeder's Group was not only BOB but BIS-2 too!

Group show was judged by Mr Mario Knoll from Brazil. Femina Floreat won again Puppy Bitches! Ex Composito was a class winner, he was BD3 with ResCC. Semper Felix was 2nd in Champion Dogs with Excellent and Extraordinaria was BB2 with ResCC. Breeder's Group was BOB and this time BIS-3! Congratulations you all!


11.9. Track Racing, Helsinki

Quinta Essentia was 3rd.


5.9. Helsinki Nat, judge Mrs Rita Van Mechelen from Belgium

Little Femina Floreat was once again Best Puppy Bitch, she really is a very promising young lady. Ad Astra was 4th in Champion Bitches with Excellent. Star of the day was however our handsome boy Ex Composito, he was BOB with CC! Congratulations!


4.9. Lure Coursing, Kuopio

Wer Da had fun in Kuopio and was third with CQ.


29.8. Lure Coursing, Ylistaro

Caeli Regina was 2nd with CQ.


28.-29.8. A busy show weekend again but worth everything indeed!

On Saturday in Kouvola our judge was Ms Leni Nousiainen. Our babies were first to enter, Fortunae Filius was 2nd in Puppy Dogs with prize of honour and his sister Femina Floreat was BOB Puppy. Crede Experto won Open Dogs being BD3 with CC and he can now proudly present himself as a brand new Finnish Champion! Director Cantus won the Champion Class and Reineke Fuchs was BD2. Graf Gabriel (born 1989!) still had a lot of fun inside the ring and he was BD4 and BOS Veteran.

Our girls had a fine day too, Ad Astra won the Champion Bitches, she was BB3, Liebe Lenore was not only BB2 but BOB Veteran too! Our elegant Extraordinaria was BOS with CC. In the end Director Cantus was BOB and BIG-2! Breeder's Group was BOB and went later BIS-3! Thank you Tuija for your help in showing and huge congratulations to everybody!


On Sunday in Heinola the judge was Mr Laszlo Erdös from Hungary. Our pups had a great day, Fortunae Filius was BOB Puppy in a tough competition and his sister Femina Floreat was BOS Puppy. Ex Composito won his class, he was BD2 with CC and his sister Extraordinaria was BB4 with ResCC. Congratulations!


22.8. Lure Coursing, Mikkeli

Caeli Regina did it again, she won with fine points (531) and got CQ. Quinta Essentia was 5th with CQ.


Track Racing, Tampere

Our running couple, Bene Benedicta and Quid Novi, was again chasing the bunny in fine weather. My very own tricolour princess  Bene Benedicta was 1st and Novi was 2nd. Dicta got an excellent time 24.38 s (280 m) and that was her 5th CC time and she is now called Finnish Racing Champion! Dicta is the first Sternhimmels RC Champion - and the third basenji bitch in Finland to be awarded this title! In Finland the total number of RC Champions is only six. Her running buddy Quid Novi has been the first Sternhimmels basenji who got the title LC Champion (year 2001) – aren’t we great hunters?


21.8. What a great day we had in Tervakoski! Our judge was Mrs Agneta Kappers from Sweden. Femina Floreat was BOS Puppy, Crede Experto won the Open Dogs and was BD3 with CC and our stylish veterans O Doch Osman and Liebe Lenore was BOS&BOB Veterans! The Queen of the day was finally Ex Bona Fide, she was BOB with CC! Breeder’s Group was BOB. Congratulations everybody!


14.-15.8. On Saturday in Joensuu Nat our little sweetie pie Femina Floreat was shown for the very first time in puppy class. And she did it with such a style being BOB Puppy under judge Mrs Ritva Raita. Congratulations Saga and Marika!

On Sunday in Raisio our judge was Mrs Eli-Marie Klepp from Norway. Our veterans had a fine day, O Doch Osman was BD2 and BOS Veteran and his lively sister Optimaler Opal was BB3 and BOB Veteran. Ex Bona Fide was BB2 with CC! Congratulations all of you!


7.-8.8. A hot and successful show weekend in Kuopio!

On Saturday our judge was Mrs Agnes Ganami from Israel. Young and stylish Ex Composito had his day of glory, he was BOB with CC and later on BIG-4! Sweet Carpe Diem really captured judge's heart by her feminine looks and she was BOS. Our grand old lady Liebe Lenore was BOB veteran once again. Wer Da won the Champion Dogs and he was BD3 and little Ex Bona Fide was BB2 with CC! Breeder’s Group was BOB.

On Sunday the show was international and the judge was Mrs Moa Persson from Sweden and it was again Ex Composito’s turn to be Best Male with CC and CACIB. Wer Da was right behind him and he was BD2 with ResCACIB. Liebe Lenore had again a nice show, she was BOB Veteran. Ex Bona Fide was BB2 with ResCC and ResCACIB and her best friend Carpe Diem was BB4. Breeder’s Group was again BOB, thank you Heli for your help with showing the group and lots of congratulations to you all!


Askersund NAT, Sweden, judge Mr John Clark

Nora made a handler trip to Sweden and catched on nicely, our Swedish princess Ex Oriente Lux was BOB & CC and finally BIG5.


4.8. Track Racing, Helsinki

What a joyful day – Caeli Regina was 2nd and got her 3rd CC time (24.34 s, 280m). Also her sister Carpe Diem ran being 2nd on 350 m race. Active sisters, congratulations to you both!


1.8. Finnish Basenji Club's Summerday, Helsinki

A little but active group of Sternhimmels basenjis was enjoying Finnish Basenji Club's summer day event where Carpe Diem was awarded as The Fastest Basenji Bitch 2004! Ex Bona Fide was 4th and Caeli Regina 7th out of 18 bitches. In dogs Donum Regium was 3rd out of 9 participants.


29.7.-1.8. Also this year we decided – Leena and I – to have a holiday week in southern part of Sweden – Ronneby – including four international dog shows on the beautiful show grounds at Ronneby Park. We spent the week in real sunshine and hot weather while it was raining and storming at Helsinki.

On the way down to Ronneby we had once again the possibility to enjoy the great hospitality and company of Helena & Gunnar Strömbert at Faraoland kennels – thank you!

On Thursday judge was Mrs Marja Talvitie from Finland. And what a start we had! My very own tricolour princess – Bene Benedicta – did it! After very limited showing this year – only the Speciality – she won with her extremely beautiful gait BOB with CACIB in a hard competition and can now be called an International Champion. - Dicta, I’m so proud of you! – Now 32 of Sternhimmels basenjis are International Champions! And my very own grand old lady, Dicta’s mother Liebe Lenore had an excellent start as well – BB3 and BOB Veteran. Their handsome travelling partner Ex Composito did well too, he won the Intermediate Class ending up BD2 with CC and ResCACIB.

On Friday judge was Mrs Jackie Perry from Thailand and young and handsome Ex Composito held his positions, BD2 with CC and ResCACIB and Bene Benedicta was BB3. Liebe Lenore was only sun bathing by the ringside.

On Saturday the judge came from Ireland, Mr Seamus Oates and Bene Benedicta did it again – BOB, CACIB – and this time not only by winning the breed but also taking a placement in the Group – BIG4! Ex Composito had a nice day too, BD3 with CC while Liebe Lenore was only watching the youngsters.

On Sunday the judge was Mr Freddie Klindrup from Denmark and Bene Benedicta kept up the winning spirit and was again BOB with CACIB and finally BIG4 and her mother Liebe Lenore was BOB Veteran.

What a week we had! Thank you Leena for all your help and assistance and company during the week. We also want to thank Jack & Roger for their help and hospitality on our way back home to Finland.


28.7. Track Racing, Turku

Caeli Regina was 3rd out of five basenjis.


24.-25.7. Track Racing, Oulu

On Saturday Caeli Regina was 2nd and got her first CC time on track. Way to go Regina! Also on Sunday she did it, Regina was 2nd with CC time. Congratulations Nora and Regina!


24.7. Helsinki, judge Mr Ben Nolan Dale, USA

This time we had a very warm and nice weather for a change! Our great-shaped tricolour gentleman, O Doch Osman, was again BOB veteran and also BD4. Ex Composito was 1st in Intermediate Class with Excellent and ResCC and Dies Faustus 4th in Champion Class with Excellent. Ladies did well too – Ad Astra ended up BB4 and young and promising Ex Bona Fide won Intermediate Class with Excellent & CC. And last but not least the Breeder's Group was BOB & Best In Show!


18.7. Ylivieska, judge Mr Rainer Vuorinen, Finland

Only three girls of our team were present. Carpe Diem was BB4 and also Ex Bona Fide and Caeli Regina got Excellents.


17.7. Lure Coursing, Jyväskylä

Caeli Regina won and got her 5th CC. Now she is called Fin LC Champion, congratulations Nora and Regina! She is the first Sternhimmels basenji bitch who has this title. Ad Astra was 6th with CQ.


Orivesi, judge Mr Leif Lehmann-Jörgenssen, Denmark

Before the rain started we got the following results: Semper Felix won Champion class ending up BD2, Crede Experto was 2nd in Open Class with Excellent and ResCC. My very own grand old lady – Liebe Lenore - showed the youngsters by being BB2 & BOB Veteran, Ex Bona Fide won the Intermediate Class ending up BB3 & CC and Carpe Diem was BB4. Breeder's Group was BOB.


10.7. Lure Coursing, Rajamäki

Despite the pouring rain this year's Derby and Veteran Championships were held together with open competition in Rajamäki. And what a fine day this was for active Sternhimmels basenjis!

First in open race Ad Astra was 2nd of 14 basenjis and got her first CC! Also Semper Felix made to the finals being 7th with CQ. In Derby sisters Caeli Regina and Carpe Diem were unbeatable taking a nice double win. Caeli Regina got her 4th CC with the title DVM-04 and Carpe Diem was awarded CQ. Last but certainly not least always youthful Quid Novi gained a new title. Making two fine runs with CQ he can now proudly present himself as Veteran Champion 2004, VMM-04!


7.7. Helsinki Track Racing

Ad Astra was second.

4.7. Visby NAT, Sweden, judge Mr Frank Christiansen, Norway

Roger kept up the good work and Ex Oriente Lux was BB2 with CC.

As I was still enjoying the lovely holiday in Wimbledon…

Hyvinkää Track Racing

Carina spent a marvellous day with Bene Benedicta and Quid Novi. Bene Benedicta was running two times 280 m (Derby race) with excellent times. First Qualifying heat with CQ-time 24.48 s being 2/5 basenjis and in final heat even better 24.43 s, being 2nd with CC. Bene Benedicta got her 4th CC time – well done Dicta. Novi was 2nd on Veteran Championship race with time 25.68 and had fun with the bunny. What a day!


Karjaa, judge Mr Åke Cronander, Sweden

Ex Bona Fide was the only Sternhimmels basenji visiting Karjaa show - but the little darling did it with a style taking her 7th CC and BOB!

3.7. Kolmården, Swedish Basenji Speciality, Sweden, judge Ms. Rosie Lane, England

Ad Astra was present as well at the Swedish Speciality this year and in tough competion she was 2nd in Champion Class & CQ and finally BB3! Astra won also The Best Head at the Show –title and Millans Trophy for Best Head. Congratulations Astra & Nora!


Visby INT, Sweden, judge Mrs Ritva Raita, Finland

On the same day our Swedish princess Ex Oriente Lux entered a show ring at Visby Int with owner/handler Roger. Roger did a nice job by being in the ring for the first time and handling Leylah to BOB & CACIB & CC and finally BIG3! Well done Roger & Leylah!


24.6.-5.7. Holiday in Wimbledon

We - Anneli and Hanna - had a wonderful summer holiday in England. It included a lot of tennis, strawberries and champagne in Wimbledon style and of course we had to go to some dog shows too!

We cannot thank you enough Helena for offering us this lovely time with you and a rare chance to see the wonderful world of tennis. Helena's dear dogs were of course with her, our sweet gentleman Summa Summarum and his little cute friend Jerry.

Summa participated in two shows, first in Blackpool he was 5th in his class (judge Mr A. Gray, UK) and in Windsor (judge Mr C.Gardiner, UK) he won his class! Congratulations Helena and Summa!

We would also like to thank Catherine & Cyril, Sally and Irene for your help and company during the shows.


25.6. Mikkeli Track Racing

Ad Astra won Classified race and Caeli Regina was 3rd on Savo Cup race.


20.6. Kotka INT, judge Mr Ben Reynolds-Frost, England

A rainy day – but what a result! Semper Felix was BOB with CACIB and finally BIG-3, Dies Faustus was BD4 and Ex Composito got an Excellent & ResCC. Venia Bona won bitches again under very strict judging with results BOS & CACIB, this time another daughter of hers, Extraordinaria won Intermediate Class ending up BB2 & ResCACIB & CC. Breeder’s Group was BOB.


19.6. Avesta INT, judge Mrs Liz Cartledge, England

Our clever junior handler Nora made another trip to abroad, this time to Sweden and with excellent results! Caeli Regina was BOS & CACIB & CC and she can now be called a Swedish Champion, just right behind her Ad Astra was BB2 & ResCACIB. Our Swedish princess Ex Oriente Lux did well too by winning Intermediate Class with CQ.


13.6. Drammen, Norwegian Basenji Club Speciality, Norway, judge Mr L. Newbold, GB

Ad Astra just could not stop winning ending up BOS at the Speciality and Caeli Regina did well too by being BB5. What a way to finish the European Tour! Congratulations!

Virkkala, judge Mrs Anneli Sutela, Finland

On Sunday the weather as well as the results were very warming. Young and handsome Ex Composito did it again, BOB & CC and BIG-4, Dies Faustus was BD2. Venia Bona entered the show ring after a little break and as usual conquering the first place, BB1 & BOS, followed with her beautiful daughter Ex Bona Fide, BB2 & CC. Breeder’s Group was not only BOB but also BIS 2.


12.6. Neumünster INT, judge Mrs Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen, Finland

On the way back up north Ad Astra and Caeli Regina had a great stop in Neumünster Show, Astra was BOS & CACIB and Regina was 2nd in Open Class with ResCC.

Jämsä, judge Mr Markku Mähönen, Finland

Our handsome males showed their strength even in a pouring rain, Ex Composito was BOS & CC, his father Warum Nicht was BD2 and our handsome tricolour veteran O Doch Osman BD3 and BOB Veteran. Our only female participant Ex Bona Fide did well too, BB2 & ResCC. Breeder’s Group was BOB.


6.6. Barcelona INT, EUW-04, judge Mr Antonio Choya de la Cruz, Spain

Ad Astra and Caeli Regina got both Excellent.

30.5. Finnish Basenji Speciality, judge Mr Kari Järvinen

It was once again a lovely day in our own Speciality! It was so nice to meet our young and old ladies and gentlemen with their owners.

In dogs young Ex Composito was first to enter the ring and he was 2nd in Intermediate Dogs with Excellent. In Champion Class handsome Dies Faustus was 1st with BD3, and Warum Nicht 4th, also Semper Felix got Excellent. Nomen Est Omen competed first time in Veteran Class and boy did he have fun! He won Veteran Dogs followed by O Doch Osman who was 2nd with Excellent.

In bitches Three Sisters had a fine day, first Extraordinaria won Junior Bitches with BB4 and resCC, Ex Bona Fide was 2nd in Intermediate Class and our Swedish Princess Ex Oriente Lux 2nd in Open Class, all with Excellent! In Champion Class Bene Benedicta was 3rd, Carpe Diem and Venia Bona also got Excellents. My lovely grand old Lady Liebe Lenore won Veteran Bitches and Optimaler Opal, who was shown first time in Veterans was 2nd with Excellent.

Later on Liebe Lenore was BIS veteran and Nomen Est Omen BOS veteran. Last but not least Breeder's Group was once again BIS!

Challenge Cups
Aatu's Cup for the best R/W dog in Intermediate Class Sternhimmels Ex Composito
Furahan Cup for the Best Veteran Sternhimmels Liebe Lenore
Pippa's Trophy for the Best Mover Sternhimmels Extraordinaria
Silentium Faida's Trophy for the best tricolour Sternhimmels Liebe Lenore
Tucker's Cup for the best tricolour bitch Sternhimmels Liebe Lenore

Congratulations everyone!


Saarbrücken INT, judge Mr Luis Pinto Teixeira

At the very same day family Lindqvist started their European Tour and what a start they had! Our little gazelle Caeli Regina was BOB with Cacib and CC and lovely Ad Astra won Champion Bitches with resCacib and CC. Thank you Uschi Grewe for showing Astra in Best Bitch!


29.5. Rauma, judge Wera Hübenthal, Norway

In Rauma the sun wasn't shining brightly only to us but also to handsome Director Cantus, who was BOB and BIG-4, and to our sweetheart Carpe Diem who became a new Finnish Champion by taking her 6th CC and BOS!


27.5. Lure Coursing, Karkkila

Caeli Regina was 3rd with CQ.


23.5. Lure Coursing, Lieto

Again a good competion for Regina, this time 2nd with CQ.


22.5. Helsinki INT, judge Säde Hohteri, Finland

Our basenji gentlemen were well represented in Aptus Show: Dies Faustus was BD2 with ResCACIB and Semper Felix BD4! In bitches lovely Ad Astra took BB2 and ResCACIB as well and was followed by our pretty youngster, Ex Bona Fide, who was
BB4 and got her 5th CC! Caeli Regina got also Excellent. Breeders group was BOB!
20.5. Tampere, Track Racing

Bene Benedicta was practising her favourite hobby after maternity leave with Quid Novi. Dicta won the start and Novi came 2nd.
16.5. Rajamäki, Suomi Cup 2004, Lure Coursing

Caeli Regina was invited among the other TOP Lure Coursers in this competition and she was indeed the Winner! She won the race in tough competition, got a CC and is now CVM-04! Congratulations!


15.5. Mynämäki, judge Soile Bister, Finland

What a nice day we had in Mynämäki despite the cold and windy weather! The show started with Director Cantus winning the Open class, receiving his 8th CC, and thus becoming a new Finnish Champion from the first possible show. Now the whole D-litter has champion titles! This brand new Champion was also BD3. Reineke Fuchs won the Champion class being BD2.

Girls did well, too. Ex Bona Fide won junior class with CC and was BB2. Her sister Extraordinaria was BB4. Their Mom Venia Bona, who was shown for the first time this year, was back in business and took first BOB and later BIG-1! To conclude the fine result, Breeders group was BOB and BIS2!

Rajamäki, Lure coursing

Ad Astra was 4th with CQ.


12.5. Track Racing, Tampere

Caeli Regina was 2nd.



Ahlainen, judge Mrs Marija Kavcic, Slovenia

Stormy weather didn't stop our youngsters to show their best, first Donum Regium won the dogs with CC and he became a proud new Finnish Champion in a first possible show! Little cutie Extraordinaria was first in bitches with CC. Later on Donum Regium was BOS and Extraordinaria not only BOB but BIG-4 too! Congratulations both of you!


8.5. Skara Nat (Sweden), judge Mrs Ritva Raita, Finland

Our charming Swedish Princess Ex Oriente Lux was BOB with CC, many congratulations Jack & Roger!

At the same day our handsome Northern Star Wer Da was shown in Oulu Nat, he won the Champion Class and was BD2, judged by Mr Markku Mähönen.


24.-25.4. Lahti INT, judge Mrs Myrna Shiboleth, Israel

The nice day started with Ex Composito winning the junior class in dogs. In champion class Warum Nicht was 3rd and Dies Faustus 4th, both with Excellents. Our great-shaped tricolour gentleman, O Doch Osman, was shown for the second time in Veterans and took also his second BOB veteran this year!

In bitches pretty Extraordinaria won the big junior class. She was followed by her lovely sister Ex Bona Fide who won the intermediate class. Carpe Diem was 4th in Open Class and beautiful Ad Astra conquered Champion class' first place. All the Sternhimmels girls got Excellent! The Best Bitch class was a battle between ladies Ex Bona Fide and Ad Astra - Ex Bona Fide won this time and got her 3rd CC and a CACIB and was later BOS, Ad Astra got resCACIB. Breeders' Group was BOB!

On Saturday Jenna won her group in JH competition with Donum Regium and finally went 2nd. Congratulations everybody!

11.4. Stockholm INT, judge Mr Stephen Wheeler, Australia

Some of our basenji ladies decided to spend their Easter holiday in Swedish Showring! Young Ex Oriente Lux won her class and ended up BB3, and Ad Astra won Champion Class and was placed BB2 with resCACIB. Congratulations!

10.4. Lappeenranta Nat, judge Mrs Eva Ekstam, New Zealand

Traditional Lappeenranta Easter Show was kept this year in somewhat cold circumstances, but results warmed our gang! Handsome Dies Faustus was BD and BOS and our young and pretty Ex Bona Fide was BOB with CC and in the finals she went BIG-2. Warmest congratulations to both of you! Breeder's Group was BOB and later on BIS :)!

27.3. Lure Coursing in Karkkila, Chief referee Mr Pentti Örn

Lure Coursing season started with great results! Four out of six finalists were Sternhimmels, it is wonderful to see all our runners in such a great shape after a cold winter. Alter Ego was 1st with CC, Caeli Regina 3rd with CQ, Tua Sponte 5th with CQ and Semper Felix 6th. Congratulations to you!

21.3. Last one of this year's puppies left to her new home. Good luck Titi as well as all the others: Filius, Rudi, Nico, Saga, Kaneli and Fia! Thank you Tuija and Carina for all the help with the puppies!


20.3. Tampere INT, judge Mrs Elina Tan-Hietalahti

Our boys had a great day in Tampere. Young Ex Composito won Junior Dogs and got resCC, our handsome Champions did well too, Dies Faustus was 4th with Excellent and Warum Nicht started his show year so well, he was BOS with CACIB! Congratulations boys! Breeder's Group was BOB!


6.3. I was honoured to receive Finnish Dog Breeder's Association SUKOKA (Suomen Koirankasvattajat ry) Breeder's Award with the highest points ever! Thank you SUKOKA!



Finnish Basenji Club awarded the most successful dogs of the year 2003:

TOP Basenji Bitch 2003 Sternhimmels Venia Bona (for the 3rd time!)
TOP Basenji Puppy 2003 Sternhimmels Ex Bona Fide
Trophy for the Best Veteran Sternhimmels Graf Gabriel (for the 4th time!)
Trophy Kinon Malja Sternhimmels Caeli Regina

Many many congratulations to you!

Also they made it to the Top Ten:

2nd in puppies &
Best Male Puppy

Sternhimmels Ex Composito
3rd in puppies Sternhimmels Ex Oriente Lux
9th in puppies Sternhimmels Extraordinaria
2nd in dogs Sternhimmels Warum Nicht
3rd in dogs Sternhimmels Dies Faustus
4th in dogs Sternhimmels Director Cantus
4th in bitches Sternhimmels Ad Astra
5th in bitchesSternhimmels Carpe Diem
6th in bitches Sternhimmels Caeli Regina
9th in bitches Sternhimmels Liebe Lenore
10th in bitches Sternhimmels Bene Benedicta
2nd in veterans Sternhimmels Liebe Lenore
5th in veterans Sternhimmels Jurist Julius
6th in veterans Sternhimmels Graf Gabriel
8th in veterans Sternhimmels Jobber Jochim

Well done boys & girls!

14.2. Imatra INT, judge Mrs Monique van Brempt, Belgium

What a great day we had! All our sweeties truly showed their best and we had a lot of success. Dies Faustus mastered the day, he was not only BOB with CC and CACIB but also finished his Finnish Champion title and was later on that day BIG! Young Ex Composito won Junior Dogs and was BD2.

Little Caeli Regina was again BOS and got CACIB. Extraordinaria won Junior Bitches and got her first CC! She was BB2. Carpe Diem won Open Class and she was BB3 with resCACIB and resCC. Ad Astra was 2nd in Champion Class after Caeli Regina and she was BB4. Breeder's Group was again BOB and later on BIS-2!

Warmest congratulations to all of you!

Good news from Sweden, little Ex Oriente Lux was shown in inofficial show and she was BIG-1! Congratulations Leylah!

24.1. Turku INT, judge Mrs Phyllis Poduschka-Aigner, Austria

Our boys and girls had a fine day in Turku! Young Ex Composito won Junior Class with CC and he was BD2. Dies Faustus won Open Class and was BD3 with resCACIB and resCC. Our handsome O Doch Osman was shown the very first time in Veteran Class and he still got the looks, he was BOB veteran and BD4! Wer Da was 2nd in Champion Class with Excellent.

Ad Astra won Champion Bitches and ended up BB2 with resCACIB. Carpe Diem won again Open Class and she was BB3 with resCC. Little Ex Bona Fide was 2nd in Junior Bitches with Excellent. Breeder's Group was shown first time this year and it was BOB! Congratulations everybody!

10.1. Kajaani Nat, judge Mr Markku Mähönen

The first show of the year went very well! Nora made a long trip up north with little Caeli Regina and they did have a lovely day. Caeli Regina was shown in Open Class and she finished her Fin Ch title in first possible show. She was also BOS!

Nora also showed our gentleman Wer Da who won Champion Class and was BD2. Good work guys!

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