Sternhimmels Basenjis

Sternhimmels Nomen Est Omen - shows

INT & FIN & S & N & DK & EST CH FINW-98 ESTW-00
Sternhimmels Nomen Est Omen

Year 1996
TOP Winning Basenji Puppy in Finland
BIS puppy in Turku Dog Show, judge Mr Glaudio de Giuliani
BIS –4 puppy in Loimaa Dog Show, judge Mr Nils Molin
Nestori won his first CC being BOS in the first possible show at the age of 9 months, judged by Mr Carlos Saevich in Oulu International

Year 1997
2. Top Winning Basenji Male in Finland
Nestori received his second CC at Helsinki International by Mr Sigfried Peter
He won his first CACIB as BOB and BIG-3 in Tampere International 3, May, judged by Mr Marto Steinbacher
He was BOB and BIG-4 at Helsinki Dog Show by Mr Rainer Vuorinen
Nestori won two CACIBs and two BOB titles in two different countries at the same day (Piteå International in Sweden, Mr Jim Hickie, and Tornio International in Finland, Mr Paul Stanton), 6, June
His third CACIB was given by Mrs Lauris Hunt in Mikkeli International Show 27, July
At the Swedish Speciality 3, August, judged by Ms Damara Bolte, Nestori was Best of Opposite Sex, and got his third CC from Sweden

Year 1998
TOP Winning Basenji Male in Finland
Nestori finished his Champion Titles for Swedish and Finnish Show Champion 16, May in Seinäjoki International, judge Ms Elina Tan-Hietalahti
He was BIS-3 in Tampere International 23, May, judge Mr Eduardo Wallace
Nestori became Danish Show Champion under Ms Brenda Banbury in Hillerod International 21, June and so finished his international champion title. Totally he won 9 CACIBs from three different countries.
In Helsinki Dog Show 1, August judged by Mr Glenway Dymock, he was BOS
Nestori became Norwegian Show Champion in Hamar International 22, November
Finally in Helsinki International 28, November he gained the Finnish Winner 98 –title under Mr Keith Thornton

Year 1999
2. Top Winning Basenji Male in Finland
2*BOB; in Forssa Dog Show, judge Mr Leif Lehman Jörgensen, being also BIG-4 and in Mariehamn International Show, judge Mr Richard Hughes
2*BOS; in Tampere International, judge Mr Ralf Campell and in Helsinki International, jugde Mr Simon Parson
Nestori was invited to Champion of Champions show, which is arranged once a year for the most successful show dogs of all breeds in Finland.

Year 2000

Nestori was shown only two times in 2000 and with a success!

in Tallinn, Estonia at International Show under Mr Boris Spoljaric he gained his Estonian Champion and Estonian Winner 2000 -titles being Best of Breed
and at Finnish Speciality judged by Mr Rainer Vuorinen he was Best of Opposite Sex!

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