Sternhimmels Basenjis

Sternhimmels O Doch Osman - shows

INT & FIN & S & DK & N CH
Sternhimmels O Doch Osman

Year 1996
Best In Show Puppy

Year 1997
TOP Winning Tricolour Dog in Finland
Onni won his first two CC´s in two successive shows; 1, February in Hamina, judge Mr. Matti Tuominen and 16, February in Vaasa, judge Mr. Kari Järvinen.
He won his first CACIB and CC from Denmark in Vissenberg 4, May, judge Mr. Magnus Hagstedt
1 * BOB and 5 * BOS

Year 1998
TOP Winning Tricolour Basenji in Sweden
Onni finished his Champion Title at his very first show in open class under Mr. John Reeve-Newson
He won his first Swedish CACIB and CC in Stockholm 11, April, judge Mrs. Glenda Cook
5 * BOB and 1 * BOS
Onni finished his International Champion title in Sweden in Piteå 5, July under Mr. Boo Lundström, being also BIG-1.

Year 1999
TOP Winning Tricolour Basenji in Finland
6 * BOB (more than any other Basenji in Finland that year)

Year 2000

A year for a break to Onni but still:

First time in Norway: BOS and CC under judge Ralf Campbel. So Onni became also the Norwegian champion.

Year 2001

Onni was shown only few times and still:

BEST IN SHOW in Finnish basenji speciality in Majvik, judged by Mrs Irene Horner (kennel Bokoto). And this is what the judge told afterwards:
"5,5 yrs old – in my opinion there is nothing more majestic than a mature hound in the peek of condition striding around the ring with such confidence and presence. I remember him coming in the ring and, as I was told afterwards, my eyes lit up when I saw him. It was his suberb balance that struck me most of all with this boy. Neck, head, body, feet, quarters, movement were all excelent. His colour and markings were superb. If I have to be critical I would say his coat was a bit dense and could be finer. I am sure his breeder – Anneli Pukkila – and his owners – Eeva Jauro & Tove Wegelius are as proud of him as I would be if I had bred and owned him. He is a credit not only to you both but to the breed and and the Finnish Basenjis."
Once BOB and BIG-4
Once BOS
Top winning tricolour dog in Finland

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