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NORDW-99,-01 FINW-00,-01 SW-00 CVM-01 SMM-01, VMM-04

Sternhimmels Quid Novi

Year 1998
BIS-Puppy at Finnish Speciality 98, judged by Mr. Janusz Opara
TOP Winning Male Puppy in Finland 98
6 * BOB-Puppy
2 * BIS 2, BIS 3, BIS 4 Puppy
two CCs from Finland

Year 1999
2. Top winnig basenji dog in Finland
CC & Best Dog 2. from Norwegian Basenji Club Specialty, judged by Mrs. Elaine Grayson and second CC from Norway next day, Drammen INT under Mona Selbach
BOB, CC, CACIB, Piteċ, Sweden INT 3.-4.7.1999 Kenneth Edh
BOB, CACIB, BIG-5, Ylivieska, INT 17.-18.7.1999 Leif-Herman Willberg
BOB, BIG-1, BIS-4, Kotka, 1.8.1999, Rodi Hübenthal
BOB, CC, CACIB, Copenhagen Winner -99 Brondby, Denmark INT 26.-27.9.1999 Freddie Klindrup
CACIB, Oulu, INT 2.-3.10.1999 Göran Bodegċrd
BOB, CC, CACIB, NordicWinner-99,Stockholm, Sweden INT 11.-12.12.1999 Guy Mansencal, France
It was a nice year for Novi, 2 CCs from Norway and Sweden and one CC from Denmark, so by the end of the year Novi had gained 7 CCs from 4 different countries, well done

Year 2000
In Finland 1 * BIS4, 1 * BIS5, 2 * BIG2, 1 * BIG3, 6 * BOB, 3 * BOS
In Sweden 2 * BIG1, 3 * BOB, 1 * BOS
Basenji Dog of the Year 2000 in Finland
Basenji Dog of the Year 2000 also in Sweden
Second place on The Show Dog of the Year (males) in Finnish Companion Dog Club's competition
Finnish Winner 2000 -title in Helsinki INT, BOS, CACIB
Swedish Winner 2000 -title in Stockholm INT, BOB, CACIB

Year 2001
Finnish Winner 2001
Nordic Winner 2001
Finnish Basenji Club Specialty BD3
Novi has gained so far 14 CACIBs from four different countries!

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