Sternhimmels Basenjis

Sternhimmels Warum Nicht - photos

INT & FIN & S & N CH NW-01
Sternhimmels Warum Nicht

A headshot of Niilo

© Anni Toikka
Niilo and his 7-month-old daughters Ex Oriente Lux and Ex Bona Fide in Aug'03

© Anni Toikka
Niilo moving in Aug'03

© Tommi Järvinen
BOB and BIG2 at Jyväskylä Jul'03

© Texterri
BIG3 at Jyväskylä INT Nov'02

© Ami
Niilo winning BOS at Finnish Basenji Specialty 2002

© Tmi Marvin
Niilo BOB & BIG4 at Jämsä dog show on 28th of July 2001

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